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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Hi All,
What Stephen is bringing forward is not just an "international" challenge. Parents are removing children, without consent or a court order and attempting to use "emergency" ex-party motions wrongfully to gain temporary custody and limited access to the other parent. (See Shaw v. Shaw as a concrete example and other threads on this site.)

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Tayken - You are absolutely correct in your reasoning as the law act we are suggesting can be used at a REGIONAL, PROVINCIAL and in INTERNATIONAL cases.

We have selected the law name, " iCHAPEAU", as part of its meaning relays to ensuring children don't get abducted:

International Child Harboring & Abduction Prevention Enforcement Act Under-Law

If there is a threat that your child will be abducted in any case, even locally, the Judge can impose requirements to make sure they don't disappear. We are NOT leaving it to the Judges to decide what to do - we are outlining exactly what steps should be taken and when these should be enacted.

You can say we are tired of leaving it to the discretion of the family Judges as they don't seem to ensure the safety of children nor do they enforce their own rulings. A 17 point Judges check list is part of the law process.