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Default Admitting evidence

Hi all,

I'm preparing my evidence, as my ex's lawyer has made it clear that she'll be filing a motion "for a few days after the case conference", which is this Monday. Can it happen that soon in Superior Court? I could have sworn that someone said on here that it can be many months for motions and such to be heard..

I'd like to know how to get evidence admitted. I mean, I've got a lot of it, and my common sense tells me that I'll likely have to swear by affidavit that the (attached) piece of evidence is authentic, and likely spell out in the affidavit, what the evidence is. Do I simply attach the affidavit and evidence in my answer or reply and that's it? Or do I need to get the evidence admitted first? If so, does that have to be done by having the other party consent that the evidence is authentic? I've read the rules and I'm confused.