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Default ASSET-HOBBY CARS pre DOM to post separation

I had a hobby car I brought into marriage. During marriage there were several changes in vehicles including the one I presently own into post separation date. I need help in determining value of this asset considering all vehicles were a continuing ownership and the added cash came from our joint account .
#1 @ DOM =$5000, sold(during marriage) for $5000 to buy #2

#2 purchased for $8500 - sale of #1 for $5000

#3 purchased for $10500 - sale of #2 for $5000

#3 is appraised at $14000(market value @ $11000)

My primitive calculation:
Selling values of #1 and #2 = $10,000
Purchase cost of #2 and #3 = $19,000
Difference = $9,000 out of joint acct

I would like to keep #3 - how much do I pay for it in regards to equalization. I want to prepare the numbers before the lawyer visit.
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