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Originally Posted by youngdad91 View Post
I had a terrible experience with the OCL. SHe was late to appointments and my meetings were 1 hour when supposed to be 2 hours. She was biased throughout and ended up recommending sole custody to mom. I filed a dispute, ended up getting half the summer although she only recommended a ridiculous one week each month, got christmas although she ordered I not have Christmas, and have got the mom to agree to joint custody and 50/50 access despite OCL recommending sole and alternate weekend + 1 mid week.

OCL didn't even receive OCL file until after the disclosure meeting in our case. None of the police or OCL report were put before us for discussion and the most recent CAS involvement was not mentioned in her report.

OCL = biased, sexist, useless monkies.

That being said, there was some good in the report as it proved the mother has been disparaging me to the child, and has identified many symptoms of alienation.

Oh, I also got easter from the court though the OCL recommended I only have 6 hours on Easter...

Getting the OCL to do an assessment (or an investigation as the OCL biased lady in my case calls it) is like buying an Insignia TV from BestBuy and expecting the picture quality of a Samsung or LG.

I see this statement made A LOT here...that the OCL is biased. But why? what is the evidence of this bias? What happened in your case to suspect they were biased?
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