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Originally Posted by dman24man View Post
The only reason why I am afraid to try and increase access is because she has a lawyer and if my motion is denied I will have to pay her lawyer.
Child support will hurt you (and your children's relationship with you) far more than any costs award, you only pay the full costs if you have been really really naughty. You might even win, then she has to pay you.

The savings are all in her personal bank accounts, she forced me out of the home by calling the Police on me repeatedly. The Officer said to me to do myself a favour and find another place to live so i did.
Don't take legal advice from the police.

She has all the savings and she told me she is using them to pay her legal.
Try to get her to say that in writing. If those savings are truly fraudulently withheld from you, then you are not necessarily going to lose this case.

i have nothing to pay for legal so If I am going to bring a motion it has to be a very good chance that I will win.
If you truly have nothing, apply for legal aid, or self rep. Despite the oft quoted case on this site, legal aid pretty much does give you wings unless you really really jerk around the court system.

Frankly, for parents with shared custody where both parents are gainfully employed, it is very difficult to make it cost-effective to go to court. However, for those parents who do not have custody and are paying table support, I think it makes financial sense to fight every year for custody until the ex has successfully alienated the kids from you.

Oh, and if you have somehow been convinced that you are not a good parent, get over it. Being a parent is very easy. Many uneducated, lower quartile intelligence humans with functional reproductive organs become parents every day. If they can do it, so can you. That crap about how a parent is the hardest job in the world is some of the worst propaganda ever made. It is easy and rewarding... trust me, you want it.

I'm not sure why you are so convinced you are going to lose.