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1. Get a lawyer

2. File an ex parte motion asking for interim sole custody, possession of the mat. home or barring that, an equitable access schedule with police enforcement clause.

3. Request a parental capacity assessment with psychological component given her alleged issues. Cost you a few 1000, but at the end of the day the recommendations by OCL or a private assessor are VERY hard to overturn and will become the arrangements in around 80% of cases.

4. From this point forward DO NOTHING verbally with her. EVERY contact via a documented method. (email works VERY well here). Get a PVR (personal voice recorder) and the SECOND you see her, you hit the record button. This will prevent false DV charges being laid on you.

5. Goes without saying that ANY joint account you had with her should already been frozen. If she is on your car insurance, get her off. She have a cellphone on your dime? cancel it.