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Default Sick Days

Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. My partner and his ex have joint custody of their 2 kids. He wanted 50/50 time, but she was dead set against it for all sorts of silly reasons. So, he has one weeknight and every other weekend. She sees this as a 70/30 split. The agreement spells out the time explicitly (ie. Wednesday at 3:45pm to Thursday at 9:00am) One of the kids has had an extended illness and she is telling my partner that he needs to take on 30% of the childcare during the day when the kids are sick and off school. In her view, this is part of the agreement.

We don't agree. According to the agreement she has the kids at all times when they are in school, so we think she should be responsible for care when they are ill and off school. She's now set out how much childcare he "owes" her due to her calculations and is lording it against him.

Obviously, we are not adverse to having the kids more. We have pointed out to her, if there was a shared 50/50 situation, we would gladly take on 50% of the sick time, but as she wants strict compliance with the agreement, all of the sick time care falls to her.

Can she have her cake and eat it too?