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Default Property Division


Wanted to get some info regarding division of property when dealing with a possible common law relationship. My mom has been living with a man for about 10 years. He is a jerk by the way.

She purchased a home 3 years before she met him, his name is not on title, on any bills and he has not paid for any upgrades or maintenance on the house. They are not on each others medical plans, indicated as a beneficiary on any insurance, pensions, or any document.

He has not attempted to be part of the family in any way, he has never come to any family events and does not invite my mom to any events related to his family.

My mom has wanted to get rid of him for years but he is threating to take half of the increase in the house value. We want to kick him out and would like an opinion on how to do this legally I guess.

It is my understanding that he does not have any claim on this and would like an opinion. We live in Alberta.