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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Sorry to hear of your nightmare. I have a litigation-happy ex who takes me to court (thanks to the g/f who fills out all that paperwork because he is much too lazy to do it) every year just like clockwork. Sometimes 2 x/year.

Moving to another province didn't deter my ex. The move frustrates him as he has to go through interjurisdictional process now.

He loses each and every time. Yes I have requested, time and time again, that arrears be paid before he be allowed to file but after over a dozen appearances in court I haven't received that.

Past three judges called him dishonest and cited in their decisions all of his lies. Problem is, he somehow gets a judge in his province to take pity on him and they don't bother to check the file (which is so huge that it is on a cart).

Well ... it's September and I haven't been served yet.

In your case your children are of age (as others have said) to decide where they want to live. You have an order for arrears which is being enforced. That is a very good thing. Many people don't have that.

Get a new cell phone and refuse to communicate with him and his skank. You have to be strong about that and don't deviate. Don't discuss things with your children.

Moving is a very good option - I highly recommend it.
He doesn’t communicate with me. He does it all through my lawyer.
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