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no, we are not at the talking stage... it is def over.
she has told every single relative, it's on her facebook page, she spoke to her employer about relocating, etc etc

yes, she is w/ her family. i told her she's in a bubble right now... all she does is get up take care of kids, go on walks, eat lunch, etc... wait til she hasta go to work, pick up kids cook supper, etc

but in all honesty, I do believe it is over.

I'm a hot head. that's kinda what did it in for her. she got sick & tired of me exploding. But I too have told her numerous times throughout our marriage that I'm sick of her knuckleheaded ways of doing things, breaking dishes, by accident, clumsiness, annoying chatter, sloppiness, etc. It's def a two way street on the annoying things we do that the other person cant take.

I want to share custody of the kids, but she's two hours away. I don't want her to have sole custody and I end up paying. If anything, I want to split the costs. I believe that's the way it works when you share custody. I'll end up paying the difference between our salaries on the tables.