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Originally Posted by MS Mom View Post
I think the better stat for him to start looking at is how many step-parents are perfectly normal, loving human beings that wouldn't hurt their step-kids anymore than they'd hurt their own.

Or maybe how many step-fathers are falsely accused by stat-obsessed bio-fathers.

I suggest you research the WHOLE picture and realize that girls are more likely to be abused by family members OTHER than the male step-parent.
Don't get ahead of yourself - nobody is accusing anybody - I'm just conducting a risk analysis. I'm open minded to studies, research and facts - not my own preconceived notions about the incidence of abuse. Show me some facts/studies substantiating anything you say?

This was for you BTW:
One study of sexually abused children found
that sixty-seven percent have mothers who were victimized themselves,
compared to only three percent of mothers in the study's control group.298 Although a history of sexual abuse is particularly common for mothers of sexually abused children, studies repor t that significantly high proportions of victims' fathers are also incest survivors.299
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