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Originally Posted by baldclub View Post
Of course he can...if he's lucky. What if you are an infantry soldier? Not a lot of parallel trades in the civilian world. Police officer is similar somewhat, but you need to be extremely lucky to find a job and one close to where your children are. Also we're constrained by contracts, I'm not allowed to leave the military for another year and a half for example, due to the tax payers' investment in my training.
Just saying, military life can take its toll on families in different ways. Personally, I think my own marital problems started after I left the military the first time, leading us to financial difficulties. Sorry OP (original poster), don't want to hijack your thread.
Unfortunately, the area his son lives, the only type of job he is trained for, he was doing. So no matter what he would have to move for work. And the type of job he does in the military doesn't open a lot of doors to employment after military life.
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