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My experience is almost parallel to yours. We saw a mediator that seemed to side with him, he argues better and produces many spread sheets that seem to support his arguments, although once I have a chance to go over them, they are very flawed, but they certainly make him look like he knows what he is talking about.

I suspect you are feeling run down by the whole process. I feel the same way. What has helped me see everything in a very clear way, is the financial expert. My lawyer can run calculations based on the programs he has, but it is the financial expert that explains in very real terms, exactly how this will impact my life. For me, the advice of these two experts helps.

What your ex is proposing for child support seems low, but you should get some advice on this. I think someone on this forum has said you can get free advice, for child support, at the FLIC at the court house, but I have not used this service.

If you have not sought some sort of legal advice about your own particular situation, you should. I made this mistake. You can’t negotiate for yourself, if you don’t know where you should start. I allowed myself to believe that both the negotiator and my ex. would not work outside what the law allows, they did and it has cost me in legal fees to try and change this. You don’t have to pay a lot in legal fees if you know where should stand.

Many on this forum advise to try negotiating and then file with the courts. After three years I’m sure you have been trying to avoid this, it’s a scary decision, I know, but it does stop the endless negotiating and forces your ex to sit up and listen.