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Originally Posted by Lolita123 View Post
Because sometimes in life the situation changes... whether it's a loss of a job, sickness or a new dependant sometimes things change that have an impact on the family financially...

Nope nope nope nope and nope.

He has three kids period.

He is responsible for those three kids period.

If YOU have a problem with it then YOU should not have gotten involved with him. And if YOU wanted to stay with him then YOU need to stop trying to get HIM out of HIS obligations. PERIOD!

My partner has lost his job, run out of EI, dropped his savings and still paid his child support and s7. Why? Because he has an obligation to his kids.

Your partner needs to deal with his problems. Will it be tight? Probably but others survive on less. I grew up in a three bedroom townhouse with five siblings. We lived on welfare. We survived.
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