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[QUOTE=Berner_Faith;225608]I agree with this... I have always wanted a large family, at least 4-5 kids but when I married my husband I knew that would be far fetched... I have two amazing step children who are 12 and 9, I knew his responsibilities towards them when I married him... they live with their mother so he pays full CS... we just had our first child together 3 weeks ago... I realize this may be my only biological child because by the time I would want to have another his son would be getting close to post secondary, plus the children have other expenses such as sports, etc. So I have come to terms that my large family actually consists of two step and one biological child but I have three children and I am okay with that.

I will never understand why new partners look for ways to reduce their husbands CS Because sometimes in life the situation changes... whether it's a loss of a job, sickness or a new dependant sometimes things change that have an impact on the family financially... and having a child live with us full time would mean that we would need a bigger house cause at this moment, we only have 3 bedrooms... which would not work to have a total of 5 kids ... I mean I get it, it sucks having a large chunk of your household income going towards another household but thats what happens when you marry someone with children. There shouldnt be any his and mine all children should be ours... I agree... if you read the post below it states the total opposite.. that my dad and MY children are MY responsibility... We live together so to me everyone under that roof is OUR responsibility...

at least thats the way I see these situations. Remember none of the children asked for this to be their lives And that is why we try to make it the best that we can for them and even if really money is tight because of the large amount of support, we still make a budget for him and his kids to do something special like going away for an evening for example...
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