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I never said that he would not pay support anymore... I was talking about cases when the amount can be reduced... and oh trust me... we are not big spenders... and our belt is pretty tight as it is... I also have kids of my own which are 50/50.. I get no child support since my ex and I make pretty much the same... and barely any Gov. benefits since our combined income is higher. When you take into consideration basic things such as mortgage, electricity, car payments, insurance, etc... in the end, the NET that is left to pay, the mother of child 2-3 that gets over $1200 makes $150 LESS than us... I also have my dad living with me as a dependant... so the standard of living test would not work for her... since in the end, with the money that she gets from the Gov.. and being in a low tax bracket... she makes almost more than us... combined... she has 2 kids.. we have 5 between the 2 of us plus my dad...

I am in agreement with you that IF she would want to live with us it would be a good thing... but I doubt it since it was offered to her before but we live 1 hour away from where she lives presently ... all that to say that we are looking at how we could make this work ... (and we would not say no based on that).. but looking at options since now, technically, her living with us would have a significant change on our budget...
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