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Default Change in Situation * Child moving back

Good afternoon,

I know that in the law, the 'first' family always has precedent meaning that, child support for child 1 cannot be reduced based on new responsibilities towards the new family.

But anyone has any idea on how the following situation would play out?

Child 1: This child was born but no real relationship ever existed between mom and dad but dad as always paid CS... would see child every other weekend and summers... child lived primarily with mom.

Child 2-3: those children are from a 10 year relationship. Now separated since 2 years... paying over $1200 in child support... on top of support for child number 1... This is also a situation of kids living primarily with mom due to distance between dad's residence and mom's residence...

Child 1 has been living with her grandmother for over a year since she doesn't like her step father (she's 14 and the step dad has been in her life since she was 3)... Dad had asked grandma if he wanted to get the support paid directly to her.. she said no... Now, seems like grandma will move and child 1 is stating that she may not be able to live with her grandma (not sure why) .. and that she doesn't want to go back to live with her mom...

Here is my question. If she was to come and live with us, would this count as a change in situation and since his responsibility would increase having his 14 year old live full time with us, could a reduction of child support for the 'second' family be considered... He presently pays $375 a month for child 1 and other things as there is a need... Having her full time would certainly increase the cost since the mother doesn't make much money and not much support would be anticipated.
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