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Digital recorder. Keep it running in your pocket whenever you are at home. If she threatens things like she'll call the police and tell them you hit her, you'll have that recorded in your own defence.

Addressing debt. Cut her off financially. Start a new bank account and send your paycheck there. Only put enough money in a joint account to pay the essential bills. Cut off any credit card of hers that is linked to yours. It can't get you out of your current debt, but it can at least slow or stop the downward slide.

Make decisions. Can you give her an ultimatum/intervention about her drinking, etc? Do you want to give up on the marriage, or try to get her some help for her problems?

Be there for your son, more than ever. Keep your cool around him and be the stable parent. It's going to be a while before things get better, but they will, and he'll need one of his parents to guide him through the process.

Her threats about ruining you and you never seeing your son are empty ones. Document your parenting, keep a journal, photos, etc, to show that you are an involved father, and she won't be able to keep him from you.

Seek help. Talk to someone through your family physician or an EAP program at your work. Al-anon. Anything to give you some emotional support. It's a traumatic time, and counselling can fortify you for getting through it.
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