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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

you mentioned debt - that in itself can bring out the worst in us humans

try and work with your spouse ( I know its hard ) to go to debt counseling , is that possible - if you check in your area you might find some reputable free sessions available - if you have equity in the home be sure to not just discuss your debt with anyone cause some would have the opportunity to steal from you knowing the #'S

this might be 1 small step toward a better tomorrow

you don't want to go down the divorce road or run cause a nasty lawyer will have you sleeping on a friends couch in couple of days

but at some point the decision is $ vs. sanity

keep your relationship with all your children strong as you can , be positive and the best dad you can be , if you get separated their wanting to see you will keep you alive in your struggle

my personal experience is its best for you and children to try 1 more time to try and resolve the problem inside the house - I know its hard I cried many times myself on the way home knowing she was there

no one has the right to abuse you mentally or physically, if she is not harming the children just you then make notes and seek out local men's groups in the area for additional advice - but keep in mind women end up with the kids +80% of time so keeping positive is always a struggle for us

there's not a lot of options for you - hence not a lot of posts - no one knows what to say cause there isn't a billion dollar infrastructure built for you to run too

so - try debt counseling , if that doesn't work then get yourself some conciling to cope until the kids are out of house - get yourself some action on the side if that helps

from my experience of running with kids the advisarial lawyers just tore me a new a.hole so that might be your destiny with out getting a lot of points of view besides this web site

believe in yourself - your not alone just men are afraid to say in my opinion

sorry for late reply - had to go to court fryday so I can see my kids past today

best of luck to you
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