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My heart really goes out to you,

I understand all to well what you are going through. This is the best advice that was given to me:

- stay clear away from your abusive spouse, don't engage in any 'back and forth' arguing as it will exhaust you and make things worse.

- do all that you can do document any abuse. Have something to show the judge and/or lawyers.

- report any bad behavior, don't let the abuser get away with anything - call them out!

- get a restraining order for your own protection

- In Quebec call SOS Violence conjugale, they will help you to find an advocate and also some legal aid which specializes is D Violence cases

- take photos of any injuries and keep all important documents in a safe place.

You also need support from people who understand ... your local CLSC will direct you to FREE therapy as you will probably need some.

Also call your local CAVAC they give free legal advice to crime victims and will accompany you in court.

I hope this helps,
Jan XX
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