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The information of these boards was invaluable to me at the time of my separation.

The recommended books and other's experiences paved the way for me to educate myself on what was best not only for our son...but us as well. Leading to a successful separation agreement and divorce done almost entirely by ourselves. = very little $$$ spent on lawyers.

Granted, we were both reasonable and amicable with each other through the whole process and neither of us had unfair expectations of the other or any sense of entitlement. We also had (and still have) the best interests of our son at the forefront of everything we do.

I still come here because I find it amazing just how much a bit of education in this whole process can change the outcome for many people.

I still come here because I constantly recommend this site to others who are going thru the same process.

I still come here because I hope, here and there, I can provide solid advice that truly makes a difference.

I still come here hoping, and praying, that someday the posts about "I gave her custody because...", or "I can only be a parent EOW because..." will have ceased to exist. I hope and pray that people start to understand they start from a place of 50/ less. That children have a right to see and be raised by "both" parents equally.