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Default Living with my parents and custody

Thanks in advance for situation is a very ass backwards one so please only comment on the living situation

Without going into too much detail..we have a temporary 60/40 arrangement that came from.a nesting agreement as the ex alledged my dad tried to assault her. She is very high conflict and drove up court costs and depleted all financial assets on random things post separation. We sold the house and all the funds from the house are in trust. She ended up getting a house without a down payment and is paying an absurd amount of interest...I don't know all those details...and also skipped the whole concept of dividing furniture and just took everything including all the kids stuff and basically left me with whatever was at my parents and my old transformer toys..really low

Anyways..bc of all this I have to live with my parents with the kids. They have their own room and are adjusted to it and love the extra attention. My concern is that they are saying I'm heavily reliant on them. I also am staying here bc there is obvious evidence that her family is trying to brainwash and alienate us with comments..and I feel exposure is best way to overcome that
The truth is I am with them all the time, j take them to swimming and soccer, and outtings (I have Fri 3pm to Monday 9am). My daughter has become attached to my mom and often likes her to come with us. So usually when my mom does the groceries me and the kids go because they like grocery shopping.
The only time the kids are left with them is 20 minutes on Friday after school, if one of the kids wants one on one time with me (ie I took my 6 year old clothes shopping) or when they are asleep and I go for a walk around the block.

Has anyone especially fathers been in this spot and what was your approach. kids love it so much here they have demanded I build a house on the empty lot next door.
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