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Any children?
Any child support?
Can make a big difference.

I think you should begin preparing your arguements to impute income to her at full time RN rates, and (as a back stop) at 3/4 rates. And I think you should read some of the stuff here at this forum and online (google SSAG) about how spousal support is calculated.

Then I think you should visit a lawyer who has the DivorceMate SS calculation software and have him run the numbers for you to see what's reasonable.

I think you likely SHOULD be paying some spousal support, but I doubt it will be at nearly the amount your ex will go to court for. She WILL be expected to be self sufficient to maximum extent possible, and that means full time.

If there is a 30K/year difference between what you actually make, and what she SHOULD make, then you'll likely end up paying something. Use to estimate it. Not a perfect calculation, but should be close enough to get an idea what you are in for,.

Biggest issue will be to get the court to impute income. Be prepared to back your request to impute income with LOTS of arguements and facts and evidence.