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Actually... I never see my ex, because when I have him over night, I drop him off or pick him up from daycare.

For example, I have him every other weekend starting from Friday at 4pm to Monday morning... I pick him up from daycare on Friday, and drop him off on Monday morning.

I have him every Tuesday over night, and I pick him up from daycare that day at 4pm, and drop him off the next morning on Wednesday.

I have him every Thursday night from 4pm to 7:30pm (and this is our dispute because I want him overnight that night). I believe that she's holding out on my on this night merely to keep the balance in her favour.

Anyway, when you calculate the number of hours, excluding daycare or school, I have him about 46% of the time. Add daycare in her favour, it flops my time to 34%.

Is this right? I'm taking care of him almost as much as she is.