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So wanted to provide an update on this...

Dad still isn't back to work but has told mom he is working somewhere but won't disclose where. Mom thinks it's under the table from what she has heard from others. Dad also told mom he wants to start his own property management business, but nothing has happened. He isn't paying any child support, has started paying half of daycare but that's it. No extras for the kids.

Mom wanted to give him time to find a job but now it seems like he is enjoying working under the table. How can someone go from making over $100k a year for the past years to working under the table. How would a court see this?

They have a written parenting agreement and Mom would like to file with the court. Would this mean Dad has to be served or if there is a written and signed agreement can it just be filled with the court?

Dad hasn't taken the children any extra time to even save on daycare which adds to the suspicion of under the table employment.

Dad obviously has money as he has gone on two skiing trips and is now doing renos on his house. None of Moms business I get that, but if he can't financially afford to support his children how is he affording this?

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