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Janus I think you are not reading my posts correctly. Mom has not be badgering Dad. She just wanted to know if dad got back to work in the next few weeks is CS still payable for January. Obviously if this becomes a long term unemployment thing for Dad CS will be readjusted. Mom simply asked Dad to communicate with her. Yet he refuses to do so. I have in fact told my family member that you can't get blood from a stone and waiting until he is back to work and then seeing where his head is at is her best course of action.

I would argue Dad is being greedy by not communicating with Mom and not paying for his children, even just day care. Or taking his children so mom didn't have to pay for daycare. Mom doesn't mind waiting and working with Dad but shouldn't Dad be working with mom as well?

Mom doesn't want to go to court and doesn't want to involve FRO she just wants Dad to communicate and cooperate.

Not that it means anything but Dad has a new partner (that he left mom for) and she works at a very decent company. Do when I say I don't believe his household is suffering I really don't believe it is. Not that new gf is expected to pay dads CS but Dad needs to start communicating and stop skirting his responsibilities.

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