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Originally Posted by wretchedotis View Post
I made an executive decision to not drive the boy an hour and half back to my place, and making her come get him. I mean really, what are my options if the 3rd party forgot and has gone shopping or whatever?
If the person who is supposed to get the child is unexectedly unavailable, the parent with the child should keep him until alternate arrangements can be made, no matter how inconvenient. I think you did the right thing. Your ex is probably just angry about the third party (is this a neutral person or someone from 'your' side?) letting her down and taking it out on you. The way you phrase 'making her' is telling however. Did you just dictate that she had to do it, or was there discussion about how to best get the child to her and mutual agreement on her doing the fetching?

Originally Posted by wretchedotis View Post
This is part of the problem. Training is temporary, and then I will be put on rotating shifts (2 week periods of days then nights then afternoons.)
At this point I have no idea which shift I will be put on - so it is difficult to look forward and pass on solid information.
Yuck! Those work hours just suck for trying to keep a regular schedule for access! Even with a cooperative co-parent! I hope your weekends will be consistent, whatever days they land on.

And while I'm sure you're thrilled with employment, I hope the pay is a significant improvement, because I bet you're going to have to sell the ex on cooperating with you to accommodate the work hours with the expectation of higher CS.