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Originally Posted by Tandem80 View Post
i have done exactly that. And now contemplating setting a yearly budget per year per child specifically for sports. But paying 88% of them does add up. I can probably afford $200 extra a month which gives each child $600 my share. According to her this is the cost of the registration fee alone plus maybe a pair of skates and does not include their hotels and gas etc...(I would be ok to pay the registration and some equip but then I am consenting to have very minimal time with my child) and I certainly do not want to pay their gas and hotels.
No Judge would expect you to pay their gas and hotels. That is not section 7 expense. Maybe let them know that if they register him in marital town (Because she chose to move away, you would not be giving up as much time with your son as you would if he were playing where she moved, and you cannot take on the driving expense) then you will pay your portion of the registration cost as you did not agree to the expense nor the driving it would entail. Stand your ground!

Section 7 expenses are extraordinary not everyday sports. If she registers them in swim lessons, child support covers your part of the expense. Rep hockey would be section 7 and it can get pricey but you said your order states they need your consent. Without that, you don't have to pay and they can take their complaining somewhere else.
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