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I really like OhMy's recommendation of ScanSnap. My boss has one of those and they are really quite slick and scan things quickly. Can you offer to attend at their office, with your own little ScanSnap in hand and sit in a conference room and simply scan your file?

Yes they have to give you your file (as outlined by HammerDad above). Sounds as though you are no amateur when it comes to challenging lawyers so you do know that you also may suggest, if they are unreasonable, to have their bill assessed (lawyers absolutely HATE that) and the matter decided in court.

Other should sit up and take notice of this - ALWAYS have your lawyer email/fax/mail everything to do with your file - all incoming/outgoing correspondence and all Orders. When you retain a lawyer you should make it very clear that this is a condition of retaining them - put it in writing. It costs little to nothing to cc you on everything.

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