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Default Lawyer - Holding File Hostage

Apologize for the dramatic title, looking for views. Also, looked elsewhere and can't find this.

Releasing lawyer 3, retaining number 4. Two years, $20,000 and I'm in exactly the same spot as I started, all around s7 issues.

I have paid my final bill in full and requested a copy of my file be sent to the new lawyer. This was in a signed, witnessed release which they acknowledged. He has now claimed I cannot have copies of anything he's done in past two years unless I pay 25 cents per page. This for work I have paid 600/hr for already, and which I fully expect is already in the file. There were plenty of disbursement sat the same rate on each bill.

He's also insisting I drive in and pick up file (2hours from my house) in spite of acknowledged release being to send to new lawyer.

I have argued with his staff and he is now demanding I call and talk with him in person - this so he can bluster and loudly talk down to me as he happily did at 600/hr in past, to point I had to constantly cut him off.

Have had success with filing complaint against lawyer 2 (called her bluff and pushed it to the point she gave money back vs waste her time at hearing). The nature of issues here it's not worth going that route IMO.

Just wondering if I have anything to stand on aside from common sense and human decency (lost on most lawyers).... I mean 20 grand with no progress at ALL (I frequently devised strategy and wrote documents myself) and now you want to massively overcharge me for 3$ worth of paper?
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