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You can try to explain this any way you want but the courts see it as this: abduction. This is why everyone is telling you to go back to Ontario. You have abducted your children. It does not matter what kind of monster your ex is and at this point there is no evidence that he was (evidence for the court being a charge and conviction) violent meaning he still has a right to see his kids.

Further, it doesnt matter how your kids feel. This could be seen as you alienating them and the abduction proves you have no intention of not causing further damage to the relationship.

Go back to Ontario and take your kids back. Work on your divorce and offer shared custody with primary residence to you.

Hes not stalking you or watching or using his internal contacts to know things. He is simply trying to get his kids back from his ex wife who UNILATERALLY DECIDED to remove them from their province of residence.

Right now you are looking at losing your kids. You need to smarten up and listen to your lawyer.