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Sorry Frustrated, I have no idea. But I was wondering the same as my husband would have had to provide a job search disclosure should he not have found a job by our court date. It gave me knots in my stomach just thinking about having to formulate some sort of spreadsheet indicating the name of the company, the position applied for, the date applied for, the contact person for the position, the outcome of the application, etc. Especially because my husband was applying for a dozen positions per day sometimes! Other times, as you said, there isn't even a dozen in a week! We just figured that if his applications averaged out to a couple per day, it would be okay. But you also have to consider what type of positions you're applying for... are you applying for positions that you're qualified for and have a chance of obtaining, or are you shooting way over your head? I'm just thankful he found a job (though it's not in his field, the hours suck, but it's a job and it pays pretty well) and we don't have to disclose his job search. I wish you luck, my friend. I cannot imagine having to figure that out right now.