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While you have only asked about "spousal" support, be CAREFUL since you might ALSO get hit with CHILD support. Yes, even if you're NOT the father, if the court feels you've acted in a similar capacity to a father, the bottom line is you may have to pay child support (FOR YEARS !) for a child that isn't even yours !! If she gets over 60% custody (which she likely will given its not your child) you could get hit with CS even if she makes 10X what you do !

Quite frankly, while this doesn't sound "romantic"; I would get your ass out of there NOW !!!

The bottom line is that if you marry/live with (and in some cases even if you date "too long/too close" you could very get dinged with financial support. ESPECIALLY if...

a) you're male
b) there's a child involved
c) you make more than she does

You've hit all three my friend !!

Seriously, knowing what I do (now) about support laws, I will NEVER get married or live with a woman again.

Just date, keep your own place, and don't intermingle finances, etc. and even then, after you've dated for a couple of years, see a lawyer to make sure you'll protected.

You may laugh at my "paranoia" now, but it isn't so funny when you get it with BIG $$$$ in support !

Good luck