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Originally Posted by dadtotheend View Post
That's the biggest joke of all...that Mom would claim discrimination. That's the same garbage my ex spewed out. As if fathers haven't been disciminated against...and continue to be...for decades in family law. Puke my guts out.

BTW, I bet that the several inch think stack of papers with the sticky notes sticking out in the right side of the picture is the OCL report. Am I right?
You can no see OCL report on a picture. It's tiny just 17 pages)
My word file called ocl_report_analisys_.doc has 12 pgs. According to word statistics total editing time of only that document is 57 hours. that would be fare to say that you can put at least *10 that for reading, research on a topic...

Now when I look into thous number it;s just hard to digest and sad that so much effort spent for something what just should not happened in first place. If I would put that effort toward my work I probably would be much better off now ((