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In the way of more concrete advice, if you are most worried about your computer and your wardrobe, start moving them, and other important things, outside of the house. In preparation for leaving someone controlling, you should photocopy as much financial documentation as you can (any mortgage statements, bank statements, monthly bills, etc, investment reports, pay stubs, anything you can think of, yours and his) and hide away any personal belongings. Store them with a friend, a family member, at work, anywhere your partner can't access them. Start keeping your computer in your car; tell him it needs upgrading and you are taking it in, or you need it with you when you meet with a client, whatever. Find somewhere else to keep the majority of your clothes. Pack up winter things, tell him you are storing them to make more closet space. Pack up your favourite other things; tell him you are bringing them to the cleaners, giving them to charity as you don't wear them anymore, loaning it to a friend, if he asks. Try to be subtle though. I'm not sure men pay close attention to the contents of a woman's closet, but I could be wrong.

Once you have the essentials safeguarded, then you can strike up the dreaded conversation. And if you get locked out, then at least you can still do your work while you start the legal stuff to get back in.