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Originally Posted by Mess View Post

You have custody of the children and every reason to keep it. WITH children SS is calculated on your NDI after taxes and expenses, and after CS is paid. Since your ex has minimal income then she will pay minimimal CS.

She should be imputed an income based on at least minimum wage, but you should shoot for her $25/hour rate for cleaning. Allow expenses since she is self-employed and she will probably claim 30-35 hours. Even so 35-40k is reasonable to impute. Then subtract what she should pay in CS from SS payments by you. Your base SS should bring her up to 45% of your AFTER tax and expense Net Disposable Income. Frankly, after you pay taxes on 90k I would argue she is already earning or capable of earning 40k so tell her to shove it. The $2000 per month your lawyer is suggesting is ridiculous, fire him.
. She cannot just not work since she has been working, and you should not be paying SS on a 90k income assuming she is earning $0, especially if you are supporting the children.
So now I am confused;
Gary M says that he has to pay SS since his wife doesn't work and refuses to and he receives no CS. He needs to have her live at the same level he is at and hence the SS.

My ex (common law) lives in a ratty basement apartment and I live in a 2700 sq ft bungalow in the country. We have yet to go to court and she has just I assume, applied for spousal which is why my lawyer wants me to see him. We are hardly equal in this respect.
Mess responded saying that after taxes and so on and imputing her possible income, I should tell her to stick it which I would love to do.

Why such a vast contrast?