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Question OCL/Parental Alienation


My husband and I have not seen his daughter since we became engaged (2008). His ex has successfully alienated him to the point where his 12 year old daughter hates him, me, and his whole family. We are coming up to trial management and the OCL has been involved. Today, at noon, he was to have an observation session with the OCL, social worker and his daughter but we were advised last night that his daughter doesn't want to. So, the OCL is going to try to meet with her alone next week (likely won't happen) and will then make their recommendation at trial management.

His ex has sole custody; we requested joint. That clearly won't be happening.

If the OCL tells the judge that parental alienation did in fact occur but that his daughter doesn't want to see him, what will happen then?

We are self represented and we do not want to go to trial. We want to get the financial part resolved and hope that down the road, his daughter will see the truth about her Mother. If she turns out to be like her Mother, she will be a lost cause, unfortunately. If she turns out decent, my husband may eventually see his daughter again.

Very frustrating that the OCL couldn't get the two of them together.

What do you think the courts will/can do?