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I recall that my parents were on a European trip when I started grade 7 (yep left with a nanny). I selected the music option and decided to take up the flute. My parents were away so I simply used the school flute. Most kids can't make a proper sound out of wind instruments for a while so it wasn't a big deal. Well I ended up doing ok with it and there was a school concert in December. My parents attended. (The flute I had assigned was crap. I really didn't care because I was more interested in make-up and boys that year.) My parents were pretty horrified when they attended the concert and watched me play and when I had to lean down and pick up the end of the flute every 5 or 6 minutes! Of course parents immediately purchased a flute for me and, of course, put me in private lessons with "the best." I ended up excelling at the flute. To this day I still have that flute. I used the school flute and I was quite ok. We were able to sign one out for the term though.

Perhaps speak to the school about this? I can't imagine children having to share wind instruments. Are you sure about this? All wind instruments can be thoroughly cleaned but I wouldn't want to do it every day/week. Reeds and such (clarinets) and corks on flutes have to be cared for properly.

You can check out purchasing a used instrument. Many people foolishly purchase expensive instruments for children who end up using them only a few times. Check with local places that provide lessons and see what is for sale. Check out garage sales this summer. I've seen many musical instruments for sale. You can buy a used one and have it professionally cleaned and it may look just like new!

Don't make your child's new-found interest in music sour through bickering with your ex.

Check with the school and get the facts yourself.

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