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Default Help them figure it out- aka avoiding nuclear divorce 101

So here's the situation.

My best friend is thinking about separating from her husband of 13 years. But they've been together for 25yrs (highschool sweethearts). They are both great parents. They both agree they would co-parent equally 50/50.

They have three young daughters- 8, 7, 6.5.

She's not sure how they should set it up.

She makes significantly more- she's a doctor, and he's a brand engineer. While she probably makes about 3x what he does, he also does not make peanuts (>$100k)...

They just sold their house and purchased a smaller one.

He wants to move out- so I told her why don't they do their financials, and she can advance him equalization for him to buy a 2-3 bedroom condo, and they can consider nesting with the girls.

This may be a trial separation....or maybe it's permanent- I don't think she knows yet.

Also- yes, she's quite aware she would be on the hook for spousal, I think she would prefer a buyout though... Luckily they are both calm and rational people. I think there's a way they can do this amicably. They're both more sad than angry right now. (well- she may be angry- but that's backstory that probably isn't relevant).

Their focus is their girls...but I'm just wondering how well nesting works? Is there another arrangement you guys can think of? For the near future.

I think ideally, if the separation sticks, they would both buy homes to accommodate the girls- and just do 2-2-5-5 schedule or week about.
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