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Originally Posted by bluewater View Post
Thank you for your response. I may be able to sever the two issues, but do I need to seeing as there is a court order stating that the pensions are to be equalized?
If both parts of the order were important to you, then no, of course not. However, I'm guessing you don't really care about the pension nonsense, but you care about the divorce. I've never seen an application just to sever, but I figure in this case it might be appropriate

Probably it would be better just to force her to sign. I just like the idea of screwing her over for not signing. You get your divorce, she doesn't get her pension equalization... well, she gets it eventually but not immediately, and maybe never if she loses the paperwork.

My lawyer said to send her another letter with a deadline, but she has ignored all of the previous letters and the court order on this issue. What more can a judge do to force her to sign the forms besides another court order for her to ignore?
A judge can issue an order that allows you to proceed without her consent. I think your lawyer is correct here. Send another letter with a deadline, and then when she misses that deadline go back to court.
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