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Unhappy Property Division

I separated from my ex-girlfriend who had a child from a previous relationship (we didn't have any children together). We lived together for 6 years. I agreed to move out and allow her to reside in the home we purchased together (both our names are on the deed) until her child reached age of majority. This will come November of this year.

The way I understand it is that what she bought during the relationship is hers and what I bought is mine. We both agree on that; however, I would like to know how to proceed with the sale of the home and getting my share or her buying out my share of the home or quite possibly me buying out her share.

My question is what date would we use to value the home for the buyout (if we went that route?) She's claiming it was the date when I left 5 years ago but friends I have talked to said that it would be November of this year when her child turns 18 as we discussed previously. There were a few attempts at me buying her out just so I could get on with my life. She would agree verbally and via emails but when I had a lawyer draw up the documents she refused them..

Important fact I should mention - She has been paying the bills, mortgage and taxes etc since I've left.

Now that we're in discussions again I'm told I could be on the hook for paying child support. Is this true?!?! I did act as a "role model" to her child but they came as a package... The child did refer to me as "Dad", I did discipline them etc...

Currently, I rent a small apartment but am looking forward to moving on with my life and buying a new house with my girlfriend (who is pregnant but my ex doesn't know that yet) but I intend to keep that to myself for as long as I can.

Any advice is appreciated before I move onto the lawyer stage...

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