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Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
This is what I have. 2pm Christmas Eve until 2pm Christmas Day. Then the other parent gets the kid from 2pm Christmas Day until 4pm on Boxing Day. It rotates each year. That way each parent gets to share in the day.

In this case, not sure how it will go. You've been successful in other motions, but given judge has "suggested" the change, I may see if I could find some middle ground as judges rarely ever "suggest" things. Generally it what they are leaning on intending on implementing.
Well, judge just wanted us to agree on something middle ground on consent. her initial suggestion was I should get new years as I accidentally said I was off on new years. This is where we said no, and my lawyer pointed out mom had Christmas last year, and these years should be alternated. Judge agreed. Just judge couldn't order me to have Christmas during the "talks" as mom would obviously not consent. Judge tried very hard to get me to agree to give mom Christmas. Though again, my lawyer pointed out how mom has been taking Christmas every year and has cancelled my visitations that fall on Christmas.

Also judge was not aware mom wants Christmas day AND Christmas eve , and new years eve and day every year - I would never be able to have one full week.

Lawyer thinks judge is just going to let me go, but put something in place for next year as judge irritated by me bringing a motion for Christmas every year (given mom will not agree to a week except for until a motion is filed).

Lawyer also mentioned judges can't appear to be completely bias so they will say stuff to make it seem like they are not biased.

Plus side is that I will more than likely have the OCL disclosure by the motion date. If it recommends Christmas be alternated starting this year, then bob is my uncle. or I suppose I could agree to give up christmas this year if I can have it guaranteed for next year - and alternated each year after that.

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