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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
I completely agree. School time should be credited to both parents. If there's an issue at the school, say the child falls ill, the school is going to run down the contact list until they get in touch with someone. They won't care if it's the parent who had the child that morning, or the parent who is supposed to have the child that evening, they just care that they get in touch with the parent who can come get the child soonest. That has a lot more to do with the nature of the parent's workday schedule than it does with where the child was that morning or will be that afternoon.
It's not hard to get 40% of the time in a given year even without the school time. You can get 42% access by picking up your kid from school on Friday and having him/her until Monday morning drop off to school every other weekend, and every Wednesday from school until Thursday morning. You will need to equally share the holidays. Found this out coincidentally.

from the same case law mentioned above:

[25] Let me offer this example from the parenting arrangement I ordered in respect of FB to show why an hourly calculation – and not, for example, a daily calculation – is more fair. In circumstances where a child is dropped off at school or (as here) at day care by one parent (let’s say “Dad”), and picked up from school or day care by the other parent (“Mom”), a daily calculation might be unfair and unreflective of the allocation of true parental caring and responsibility between the parties. Depending upon the child’s age, Dad may well have made an important contribution in preparing the child for her day, including waking her, ensuring that he or she is appropriately washed and dressed, and preparing breakfast and perhaps lunch. When the child reaches school age, Dad may have also had to help her with last-minute issues like locating homework and seeing to her on-time departure for and arrival at school. Should that time not be recognized in calculating time for the purposes of Section 9? I think it should. Yet, a daily-based calculation in favour of Mom for that day would undervalue Dad’s important parenting time that morning.
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