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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
it's nothing to do with my ex , it's the state of society and the law , men marry for sex, women marry for resources, but when you divorce women still get the money and men get nothing and this is exactly what is happening to this chump
Speak for yourself, dude, and quit generalizing. Maybe you married solely because you wanted to have sex with your wife, but plenty of men married for more intelligent reasons (and/or were able to have sex without getting married). I certainly didn't marry for resources, nor did any other woman I know.

As for "women still get the money and men get nothing" - not true either. If you look beyond your own sad situation, the numbers say something different. For one example, here's Statistics Canada on the subject of economic status, gender and divorce:

Economic Insights

The takeaway: divorce has a much greater impact on women's economic resources than it does on men's, and the impact for women continues for years, into retirement. For women, the financial impact of divorce is even greater than the impact of widowhood, while men's lives are much less affected.

So the anecdotes about men having to give up everything to the greedy ex-wives are just that - anecdotes. They are not the norm. Divorce is not economically beneficial for either gender, but on average it hits women much harder than men.
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