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Originally Posted by Full_Plate View Post
I've been / was receiving S S. X was to retire in 5 years. But now the X has taken early retirement, after 2 years of our settlement. With my age and health in 5 years the material change would have been ok for my life style at 70. Losing the existing support (X stopped paying Support at the end of 2014.) I will have to give up the home next year. Much sooner than I had hoped to.

I'm looking for Case Studies, that I can go to court with. To have the Support continued and fairly corrected. My Lawyer past away shortly after the settlement and I will have to do my own legal work now.

I have asked F R O for help and at some point I should hear from them!

Any INFO would be a help!

You need to start a new thread for this

I'm not expert on SS but from everything I've read on here, I doubt your ex will be able to stop paying you just because they decided to retire early. It doesn't work like that.

Good luck.
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