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Thank you all for the assistance. I have a few more questions for Requests to Admit:

How do you answer request for admits that contain compound sentences? i.e. "Susie went to the store on 31 March and bought a new car". If only part of it is true, do you just say false and state reason "not true" in the form?

I am asking because the request to admit are very poorly done. I know that the other party must be writing them themselves now without the lawyer even reviewing them. I'm sure this is to save costs, which is irrelevant in the bigger picture, but I do want to point out that we are not being difficult and that it is next to impossible to answer these questions as they have them.

Some other issues:

The facts have wrong dates, but perhaps the rest of the text is correct within the numbered line item.

A lot of the facts are subjective, i.e. Susie was ecstatic that your wife called your mother.

Some are about third parties within the household, but seem to be irrelevant and personal in nature, i.e, Susie failed grade 2 (Susie is not a child of the marriage but a step child). Can we refuse to admit this based on personal information? I suspect the Request to Admit is trying to be used to make Susie out to be a bad kid which poorly influences the children of the marriage...

Any help you could provide in answering these questions would be appreciated. We don't feel that there is reason to answer some of these questions, especially about other children within the home. Specifically, because it is priveleged information and the other parent of the child has not consented to release this information.

Lastly, most of the facts that we are requested to admit again are very poorly done. It is difficult to even determine what is being said or asked in many of the line items. It almost appears if the English is not the first language of the person writing them and therefore difficult to even figure out what the true meaning of the sentence is.

All your thoughts and opinions welcome!