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If the abuse is a criminal offense, then why didn't the police lay charges? Why did they just tell him to leave the house for the night instead? As for the car, the officer told me that it's matrimonial property and he can take it without my consent. I've written to the ombudsmen at the police dept with no response. This was back in May of this year. The police mess up but they're protected.

The order was a non-harassment clause in an endorsement. The judge sited that a restraining order goes on your permenant record and therefore he didn't think it needed to be made. He actually said this in court!

As for legal aid - as the judge cited this in various words in court - if my ex doesn't get a lawyer to resolve this, it's not fair for me to have to pay (whether now or later with the leins on the property). The duty councel at Durham court told me that the payment from the lein would be made from my share of the settlement so I still end up paying.

At the end of the day, a lawyer can't force this monster to divide anything! Only the judge can. The problem is that judges are helping lawyers get rich so they require a certain 'language be used in court documents'. Once a case is at court, lawyers want a $10,000 retainer upfront.

"bring forward an Application to the public court system and request that a judge apply the Law as set forth in the FLR, FLA, Divorce Act, CLRA, etc..."
What is this and where can I get more information on this?

Even the judge told that monster that he's obligated to pay me SS. Why do we need to go through all this... I'm not the unreasonable one - I want out of this marriage and my share. He got to the bank accounts and emptied them out as soon as I confronted him about his affair and said I wanted out. That was a year ago and he's managed to still hold everything.

I had (and paid a lot for) 3 different lawyers and consulted 2 others. None of them could help me obviously - since I'm still in this position. So what can a lawyer really do when the other party is uncooperative? If the police and all those lawyers couldn't do anything, really what chance do I have?