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Originally Posted by chel_and_co View Post
I also have some questions about more emotional/personal subjects, like how much to share with my husband about a new long distance relationship that was (while not the cause), a trigger for this massive change.
Before you have a signed separation agreement: Not a word.
After you have a signed separation agreement: Your call, you can decide then. I woudn't worry about that now, as you said you have a few thousands things to deal with first

Or words of caution...what not to do? I'll take whatever you've got.
What Tayken said.

Generally if you offer 50% parenting time, the other parent will agree. If you go to a lawyer, they will say you can get more than 50%. That may be true, but it will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and it could shatter your post-divorce parenting relationship.

Also, be wary of introducing the kids to the new relationship. I would seriously consider waiting at least a year. No matter how nice he is, the kids won't like the person who broke up their parents.
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