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Default Videotaping during exchanges

As some of you may know, I was charged with assault on ex and after trial, it was dismissed. Tbh, I am traumatized by that experience and don't want to have more allegations thrown at me. This is why I record all my exchanges which occur at mom's residence at her demand.

Ex understandably doesn't like it when I record exchanges and told me to stop multiple times. I have always maintained that if she requires me to attend her residence, I will continue to record to protect all parties from any further allegations.

Well today, after exchange, I got a voice mail from police saying my ex complained to them that I record her and they want to speak to me about it.

I will be returning the officer's call soon but wanted to get opinion from you guys. I believe I'm not in the wrong and while it may be an uncomfortable position but haven't broken any laws.

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