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Not that I'm an expert but I wouldn't share any personal information going forward. I don't see how it can help you.

You should separate any joint accounts, credit cards, or at least open your own accounts and get your own credit cards. Make a list of the family assets, gather copies of statements, etc. You want to know what the family assets are on the date of separation as things will be divided later. It would help if your STBX (soon-to-be-ex) would agree with the list.

If you're separated, even in the same house, you should have separate bedrooms, separate finances, etc.
For the house, you can just look online ( ) to get a rough idea of what the house is worth. That will be ok for now.

Have you discussed who gets the kids, when? If you aren't on the same page this will lead to conflict later.

Are your salaries similar? If they are, spousal support shouldn't be much of an issue. If there is a big discrepancy, this could also lead to conflict later.
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